Abstracts are self-contained, short, and powerful statements that describes a larger work. It can be ideas or artwork.

Red Dice
Tibetan Mandela, ISU, Pocatello, Idaho
Rolex clock
Witches broomstick
Rustic nut and bolt
Topiary man
Agricultural implements, barrel, scoops, and orange box
Cigar Store Indian
Box of Oranges, Pail with straw, Still life
Bamboo wind chimes at sunset
Sunglasses market stand
Crushed lager can
Union Padlock chained on gate
American Diner interior with lamps and table jukeboxes
Interior of Planet Hollywood restuarant, Orlando, Florida
Hatstand market stall
Table with chequered tablecloth and condiments under window
Celebration card and candles
Hats in a store window
Ladder hanging on the side of a shed