The houses of Parliament, Sovereigns entrance in a blizzard
Victoria Tower in the snow
Westminster Abbey in snow
Westminster Pier in a snow blizzard
Whitehall, deserted in a blizzard
Anti War protesters in the snow outside Parliament
Houses of Parliament and London bus
Big Ben
Houses of Parliament with Thames foreground, London
Big Ben clock
Big Ben and railings
Big Ben and trees
Big Ben with London Eye and bus
Big Ben with London Eye in background
The Palace of Westminster
Queue for Queen Mother lying in State at the houses of Parliament, April 2002
Two flags at half mast over Whitehall for Queen mothers funeral April 2002
Big Ben and underground sign at night
Big Ben clock face at night
Big Ben with lamposts
Big Ben with souvenir stand
Churchill's statue in Parliament Square at night
Lampost and the Houses of Parliament
Lamposts and Big Ben