Southern Italy

Southern Italy covers the historical and cultural region that was once politically under the administration of the former Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily

Castel Nuovo and Naples Marina
Back streets, Naples
Back streets, Naples (2)
Back streets, Naples (1)
Positano (5)
Positano (3)
Positano (2)
Positano (1)
Motorhomes, Amalfi
Motorhome, campsite on the Amalfi coast
Meta, Amalfi coast
Meta harbour, Amalfi coast
Local produce being sold roadside, Amalfi coast, southern Italy
Hills, Amalfi coast, southern Italy
Cliff, Amalfi coast
Chilli Peppers
Chilli peppers sold by the roadside, Italy
Campsite, Camping Nettuno, Amalfi coast
Amalfi coast