The City of Westminster is a London borough and a city in its own right, situated to the west of the City of London

Disabled man in wheelchair representing Age Concern at Gay Pride rally
Gay muslims (1)
Gay muslims
Gay man with body painting at Gay Pride rally London
Transvestite in red dress
Make poverty history sign on side of bus at Live 8 concert
Gay men cross dressing (1)
Gay men cross dressing
Old fat gay man with nipple piercing
Gay guys being intimate
The Gay caped crusader
Old fat gay man looking ridiculous on leather kilt
Gay men hugging
Black Transvestite
Gay angel showing bum cleavage
Gay man with gold body paint wrapped in peace flag
Gay cowboy
Lesbian with massive tongue sticking out
Gay pride procession, American car
Gay pride, costumed man with lesbian
Gay Pride, lesbian couple smiling (1)
Gay Pride, lesbian couple smiling
Lesbians hugging
Black lesbian woman smiling with multi coloured Afro wig