Isle Of Man

The Isle of Man is in the Irish sea between Ireland and Scotland. It is famous for Manx cats and TT (motorcycle races).

British Legion flags and disabled people at Tynwald parade, Isle of Man
Castle Rushen, Castletown, the old capital of the Isle of Man
Castle Rushen and Smelt monument viewed from Castletown square
Castletown harbour with small boats moored
Small wooden fishing boat in calm harbour with reflection
Old fishing boat Avail with manx flag
Flags paraded at war memorial, Tynwald Day 2008
Flags at war memorial, Tynwald Day 2008
Manx flyers clubhouse, Ronaldsway, Isle of Man
Inside a yurt looking up towards sky
Judges and Parliament at Tynwald Day ceremony, Isle of Man
Motorcycle parked in bay by shelter at Peel, beach, Isle of Man
Manx country dancing at Tynwald day fair, Isle of Man
Manx country dancing at Tynwald day fair, Isle of Man
Victorian market hall entrance, Douglas, Isle of Man
Reflections of tall masted ship in harbour on calm evening, Castletown, Isle of Man
Mist and high cliffs, Spanish Head, Isle of Man
Seaside shelter at Peel, Isle of Man with motorcycle bay.
Laxey wheel museum showing entrance to the mine shaft where visitors can go in
St Lukes Chapel, East Baldwin, Isle of Man. With yew tree, gravestones and distant hills
Soft hills looking towards the Calf of Man on misty day.
Reeds growing in reed bed with sky in background
Bay View Hotel pub at Port St Mary harbour. With houses and hill with TV mast in background
Yachts in Port St Mary harbour on the south coast of the Isle of Man at low tide