Cyprus is the divided Greek island in the eastern mediterranean.

Topless swimmer
Diver reflection in air pocket
Over under shot of sunset and divers
Divers in cave mouth
Mediterranean wall dive
Two divers in good vis
Divers in sand chute
Diver on Mediterranean wall
Starfish and diver
Andreou Family's vacation home, Village of Tala, Paphos, Cyp
Diver on wreck with propellor
Boy feeding baby goat
Coca Cola Truck
Woman with thong sunbathing
Plant pots on logs
Wall with red ivy and lampost
Group shot of thirthysomethings with sunset
Group of holidaymakers sunbathing on boat with windsurfer
Group of holidaymakers at their table in restaurant
Hunky guy with diver T shirt on boat
man cooking at barbequeue
Lager lout, sunburnt, with boom box radio in sea
Lager lout exposing bottom on beach
Mediterranean house