Orlando is famous for many theme parks, including Disneyland.

Unusual Palm tree and side of building
Hats in a store window
Ladder hanging on the side of a shed
Seagull and steam paddle boat
Arch at Universal studios
Riding rubber innertubes, Disneyland
Slanted street
Doc Browns' Steam Train from Back To The Future 3
Jaws (shark) with small boy at Disneyland
Ma Bates' house from Psycho, Universal Studios
The trimaran used in Waterworld by Kevin Costner
Red Car outside Mel's drive in
Custom car hood
Exxon Truck and gas station
Chevrolet Hood
Hot Cars
Hot Cars 2
Model T Ford
Classic trucks
Hot car outside Mel's drive in
Darkroom camera store window
Juke box on Diner table with cars outside