Anything relating to towns in the Midlands region of England including iconic buildings, infrastructure and social events

Grosvenor centre, Northampton
St Peter's Square, Northampton
Leisure centre, Scunthorpe
The Parishes, Scunthorpe
The Foundry, Scunthorpe
North Lincolnshire Council, Scunthorpe
Market Rasen sign
Newport arch, Lincoln
Bailgate, Lincoln
Steep Hill, Lincoln
Readers Rest bookshop, Lincoln
The Strait, Lincoln (1)
The Strait, Lincoln
High street Lincoln (1)
High street Lincoln
Usher gallery, Lincoln
Priorygate, Lincoln
Pottergate georgian house, Lincoln
Pottergate, Lincoln (1)
Pottergate, Lincoln
Town centre Huntingdon
Castle mound, Bedford
Swan hotel, Bedford