Anything relating to towns in the Midlands region of England including iconic buildings, infrastructure and social events

Bedford Corn Exchange
Main square, Huntingdon
Frogs, Bedford
Broad St, Hereford
Green Dragon, Broad St, Hereford
West St, Hereford
Shopping, East St, Hereford
Old House, Hereford (2)
Old house, Hereford (3)
Wrought iron canopy, Hereford
St Peter's sq, Hereford
St Peters sq, Hereford (1)
St Mary's Gate, Gloucester
St Mary's Gate, Gloucester (1)
Ross-on-Wye main street
Ross-on-Wye centre
Ross-on-Wye centre (1)
Ross-on-Wye arches
Northgate st, Gloucester
Eastgate St, Gloucester
Corner Eastgate st and Southgate st, Gloucester
College St, Gloucester
Nottingham, South Parade