The City of Westminster is a London borough and a city in its own right, situated to the west of the City of London

Stop USA World domination placard at anti war protest
Stop the war banner
Sign at anti war march that says 'No'
Sea of Banners at Anti war protest
NOT IN MY NAME signs at anti war rally
Modern BT phone kiosks and lit advertising panel inside Westminster tube station
Unison Trade Union banner at anti war protest
News team filming at anti war protest
Anti War protestors with Big Ben behind
Anti war protestors streaming down Whitehall
Anti war protestors outside Parliament (3)
Anti War protestors outside Parliament (2)
Anti War protestors outside Parliament (1)
Anti war protestors marching
Anti war protestors holding a stop the war placard
Anti War protesters outside Parliament
Anti war placards and banners
Anti war marchers on the Embankment
Anti globalisation protestor with guitar placard that says 'pawns in the global domination game'
Birmingham NUT trade union anti war march
Fake Stars and Stripes flag held by protestor at Peace March in London
Policewoman mounted on horse (1)
Policewoman mounted on horse
Policeman mounted on horse