The City of Westminster is a London borough and a city in its own right, situated to the west of the City of London

Police cordon in Parliament Square
Police cordon at anti war protest
Teenage Muslim girl in Burqa at Peace March
Gagged protestor holding sign that says little democracy in Great Britain
Elderly CND protestor with no war on Iraq placard
Child in pushchair being pushed by Mum - seen at anti war protest
Child Anti war protestor
Anti Capitalist protestor gagged by a McDonalds burger duct taped over his mask and sign saying 'Liberated - Uncle Sams' New World Order'!
Victoria monument and Buckingham Palace in the snow
St James' Park in winter
Whitehall, deserted in a blizzard
Westminster Pier in a snow blizzard
Westminster Abbey in snow
Victoria Tower in the snow
The houses of Parliament, Sovereigns entrance in a blizzard
The Houses of Parliament and Westminster bridge in the snow
The Burghers of Calais monument, Victoria Tower gardens in the snow
Snowman on Parliament Square
Parliament Square with Big Ben in snow
Parliament Square in the snow
Lambeth pier with Palace of Westminster behind
Lambeth Pier and the Palace of Westminster in snow
HM Treasury in the snow
Phone box with Lambeth Palace behind