children and adolescents

Man with hangover
Zulu man
White students in blazers, Cape Town
Man dressed as barrister
Man dressed as barrister with wig and gown
Gagged protestor holding sign that says little democracy in Great Britain
Che Guevara style Peacenik at anti war demo
Alternative fashion - man in Poncho with nose ring and braids
Rowers in blazers
Man. twenties, balding
Man. twenties, bald with earings
Man, twenties, shaved head, skinhead threatening look
Man, twenties, young, confident
Man, twenties, university graduate with diploma
Man, twenties, university graduate student
Man, twenties, university graduate student full length
Man, twenties, laughing, young, in sweater
Man, twenties, graduate with blue robe
Man, twenties, with cropped hair and crossed arms
Man, twenties, hard man, tough guy, Mafia hitman
Man, twenties, graduate with big nose and diploma
Man, twenties, ginger hair
Man, twenties, corporate type