South Africa

Artic Turn against a bright blue sky, South Africa
These sail boats were captured in Cape town South Africa at a beach called Fish hoek. (Fish Corner)
Spider captured in South Africa
This was taken of african dancers on my uncles farm.
This was taken of my good friends who took an old sailing boat out of the boat shed and decided to try tak up and down while screaming on the top of their lungs.
Taken in a mountain stream in the eastern cape, South Africa
These bright yellow flowers were taken in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Bright Purple flowers taken late at night, light painting
Tree snake in the bushes, Addo National Elephant Park, South Africa
Elephants in the Addo Elephant National Park.
This is a leopard tortoise captured in Addo, Eastern Cape, south Africa,
Waterfall, taken on the Garden Route, South Africa
Bright green river reeds, taken on the Garden Route South Africa
These bright pink flowers were taken on a bright day on the Garden route, South Africa
This was taken at a weir on the Garden route, its of water cascading over a small dam wall.
Leafy green plants taken in South Africa
Surfing in South Africa
Surfing in south Africa
These bright thunder clouds were captured in Addo, South africa
The open road taken in South Africa between Cape town and Port Elizabeth on the garden route.
This was taken on national highway/freeway in South africa
This is an African Buffalo shot in the Addo National Elephant Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
These are African elephants taken in Addo National elephant park, Eastern Cape, South Africa
This is a shot taken of an African Warthog in the Addo National Elephant Park, Eastern Cape South Africa