These bright yellow flowers were taken in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Bright Purple flowers taken late at night, light painting
These bright pink flowers were taken on a bright day on the Garden route, South Africa
A profusion of Californian Poppies. On the flanks of Mt Diabolo near San Francisco.
Spring crocusses and snowdrops; plus autumn leaves.
Daisy (Bellis Perennis)
Variegated Cranes Bill flower( Geranium Sylvaticum)
Variegated cornflower, Centaurea Cyanus traditional, in the meadows and fields of the countryside.
Fresh snowdrops erupt to herald the coming of Spring
Crocus plant flowers to herald warmer weather and the coming of spring
Window box, Cheltenham
Flowers in Montpeliler park, Cheltenham
The world's largest flower, Rafflesia pricei, opening. This species is a parasite on Tetrastigma vines. Tambunan Sanctuary, Borneo, Sabah
Spring Daffodils
Rose petals detail
Hibiscus flower, Cancun, Yucatan
Engelmann's Aster, probably, Aster engelmannii, Pocatello, Idaho