The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is a London borough in southwest London. Unusually for a London borough, it straddles the River Thames.

Spiral Staircase
Spiral Staircase detail
Palm house lake with museum number 1, Kew Gardens
Palm House exterior
Palm House exterior distant
Palm House balcony
Lily House
King William's Temple, Kew Gardens
Japanese Tea Garden
Inside Lily house
Hot house ground level
Giant palms, palm house, Kew Gardens
3 Zimbabwe Mud Huts
Hybrid Strawberry Tree, Arbutus x andrachoides, Ericaceae
Zimbabwe Mud hut
Ice cream van
Norway Maple, Acer Platanoides, Aceraceae
Pebble texture
Swan and sygnets
Boy with ice cream
Norway Maple Seeds, Acer Platanoides
Zelcova Abelicea, Ulmaceae
Tulip tree , Liriodendron Tuliptera, Magnoliaceae