Marine includes anything native to, inhabiting, or formed by the sea: marine animals. c. Relating to a system of oceanic habitats coextensive with the continental shelf, ranging from deep water to unprotected coastlines

The 'legs' of the oil production platform, Statfjord 'B' in a fjord near Stavanger.
The giant floating crane 'Uglen' in Stavanger harbour.
Sanganeb lighthouse from the south, deepwater jetty. Sudan Red Sea. Indian Ocean
Navigational buoy. Starboard hand lateral mark (green conical)
Oban Ferry Terminal
Lobster pots at sunset, Scotland
John O' Groats harbour scene
Large cleat for mooring ships
Hastings, net sheds (1)
Hastings, net sheds
Old Spurn light ship, Hull
Spanish Quay, Galway
Claddagh Quay, Galway
Stena line ferry docked at Stranraer
Brecon canal houseboat
Brecon canal basin
Canal and Mill, No. 1 pier, Wigan
Blackburn, house boat in canal basin
Blackburn, canal basin
Canal boats, Gloucester
Net floats on fishing boat, Weymouth
Container ship docked, Algeceras
Screw shackle
Carabiner hook