Anything of or pertaining to, treating, or characteristic of history or past events: historical records; historical research.

Welsh warrior reclining with shield - re-enactment
Welsh renactment ancient stick throwing game like Quoits
Welsh reenactment chainmail
The Heart of Midlothian on the Royal Mile.Scotland
Fulham Palace (2)
Fulham Palace (1)
Fulham Palace
House used in Charles Dickens novel, Rochester
The Golden Hinde stern
The Golden Hinde in dock at Pickfords wharf
Henry VIII
Canterbury, The Old Weavers house AD1700
Battle, Deanery
Battle, Abbey
Battle, Abbey monks common room
Battle of Hastings, Saxon Thain with battleaxe
Battle of Hastings, plaque
Battle of Hastings, battleground
Battle of Hastings castle
Batlle of Hastings, Saxon Thain with battle axe and shield
Suit of Armour, Cuirassier 17th century
Roman fort on Hadrians wall, Housesteads
Hadrians wall milepost fort
Hadrians Wall