Material, usually of plant or animal origin, that contains or consists of essential body nutrients

Bangers on a beach Bar-B-Q
A valentines scene outside a cafe in Soho, London
spices on sale in market, Chang Rai, North Thailand.
Pig roasting over open fire pictured in the Croatia countryside.
selling kebabs in Bodrum, Turkey
Display outside a shop in Malta
Harrods Wedding Cake
Tin of Heinz tomato soup
Tin of Heinz baked beans
Spring Onions
Satsuma orange
Sandwich platter
Red pepper
Red apple
Peeled banana
Packet of Walkers plain crisps
Packet of Walkers cheese quavers
Marshalls macaroni
Loaf of sliced brown organic bread
Kiwi Fruit
Honeydew melon with Tesco label