the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is a country within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Atlantic.

Deco divers, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Diver (Michelle Cove) pushing shark away
Diver (Michelle Cove) with sharks and reef behind
Diver (Michelle Cove) with shark foreground
Diver feeding shark
Diver (Michelle Cove) with close sharks
Diver feeding sharks
Diver (Michelle Cove) with scooter and shark
Lone Shark under boat, Carcharhinidae
Lone Shark in midwater over reef
Shark in midwater with Remora attached
More sharks than you can shake a stick at!
Multiple sharks inside shoal of snappers and Jacks
Multiple sharks inside shoal
Diver and shark in midwater over Caribbean coral reef
Gray reef shark feed with shoal of Jacks and diver behind
Underside of sharks inside shoal
Multiple sharks midwater
Underside of sharks
Underside of shark inside shoal
Gray reef sharks in shoal
Two Sharks in midwater swimming
Diver in chainmail suit feeding sharks (2)
Diver in chainmail suit feeding sharks