Land Rover Series III in a river bed on the central route to the Minaret of Jam. River beds are often the only route. Central Afghanistan, Asia
Land Rover one ton Series IIA in river north of Herat, Afghanistan, Asia. The river is the only road.
Band-i-Amir lakes, (Dam of the Amir), central Afghanistan, Hazarajat, Asia. 75 Km to the northwest of the Ancient city of Bamyan, close the the town of Yakawlang. The blue colour is caused by calcium carbonate deposits forming travertine walls.
Women filling goatskins with water from a well. Tomb of Mir Wais Baba (Mir Wais Hotak), Kandahar, Afghanistan
Firozkohi nomad child climbing onto a calf, Ahangoran, near Chaqcharan, central Afghanistan, Asia
Firozkohi nomad children, Ahangoran, near Chaqcharan, central Afghanistan, Asia
Young wife on a horse being led across the Hari Rud river by her husband and his father, Minaret of Jam, central Afghanistan, Asia
Children at a village east of Qual-I-Naw, central Afghanistan, Asia
Minaret of Jam, on river Hari Rud, Ghor province, Central Afghanistan.
The largest of the two statues of Buddha at Bamiyan, Afghanistan. This statue, 53 metres 175 foot high, was destroyed by the Taliban in March 2001 Hazarajat
Man playing tambur, chaikana (teahouse), Bamiyan, Afghanistan
Largest Buddha at Bamiyan, Afghanistan Destroyed by the Taliban in march 2001 53 metres, 175 feet- high
Man beating drum, chaikana (teahouse), Bamiyan, Afghanistan
Afghanistan Kandahar Wrong spelling of Police Headquarters (Headcuwater)
Afghan man tent pegging at the gallop on horseback (uprooting tent pegs) Afghanistan Bamiyan
Land Rover Series III ploughing through bull dust in the Dasht de Laili desert (Desert of Green), Northern Afghanistan