Barnet in North London includes Hendon and is at the beginning of the M1 motorway.

Police training school, Hendon (1)
Police training school, Hendon
Colindale Police station (1)
Colindale Police station
Colindale tube station
Barnet library
Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)
Hawker Tempest, RAF museum Hendon
USAF fighter plane of WWII
Messerschmitt Bf 109g, RAF museum, Hendon
Messerschmitt ME 262, RAF museum, Hendon
Various aeroplanes RAF muesum Hendon
Austin K2 ambulance
Humber MkIIIa armoured car
BAC Bloodhound surface to air missile (1)
BAC Bloodhound surface to air missile
Jet cockpit
Bristol Beaufort torpedo bomber
RAF rescue helicopter, RAF museum, Hendon
Bleriot early earoplane, RAF museum, Hendon
Eurofighter, RAF museum, Hendon
Sopwith camel, RAF museum, Hendon
MBDA Storm Shadow air to surface missile, RAF museum, Hendon
Rolls Royce Pegasus jet engine