Woman, thirties, in bridal gown
Woman, thirties, glamorous middle aged
Woman, thirties, in African costume
Woman, sixties, with glasses and mole
Woman, sixties, elderly smiling
Man, thirties, with shaved head and leather jacket
Man, thirties, glasses, goatee beard, moustache
Man, thirties, barrister in wig and gown
Man, twenties, with cropped hair and crossed arms
Man, forties, balding
Man, forties, bald
Man, sixties, in tuxedo
Man, sisties, distinguished
Girl, sitting
Family, parents in thirties, three children
Couple, twenties, hugging
Businessman, thirties, glasses and moustache smiling
Businessman, thirties, cheesey grin and glasses
Boy, four with sculpted hair
Boy with red baseball cap
Boy with red baseball cap sitting cross legged
Boy in school uniform sitting
Baby girl, upset
Baby girl with huge Afro hairdo