Baby girl crawling with big smile
Baby boy rubbing his eye sitting on stool
Youth, short hair, earing, gold chain
Youth, teens, coat, B&W
Youth, late teens early twenties, making gang signs
Women, sixties, miserable in hats
Woman, twenties, short straightened hair, bank clerk type
Woman, twenties, pretty
Woman, twenties, nurse
Woman, twenties, graduate with diploma
Woman, twenties, dependable, professional, in nurses uniform
Woman, thirties, in spotted jacket
Woman, forties, motherly type
Woman, forties, in knitted outfit and stiletto heels with hands on hips
Woman, forties, glamorous in evening gown smiling
Woman, forties, conservative, with handbag looking self assured
Mum, thirties, holding boy son tightly
Man. thirties, bearded, in colourful cap
Man, twenties, moustache
Man, thirties, security guard
Man, thirties, Rastafarian, posing, B&W
Man, thirties, Rastafarian with dreadlocks, crossed arms, B&W
Man, thirties, Rastafarian crouching, B&W
Man, thirties, looking proud in police constables' uniform