White caucasian

Gay Bald men at peace march
Che Guevara style Peacenik at anti war demo
Womens' feelings are vocal at anti war demo
Affluent modern woman at Peace March
Adolescent teenager in MASH T-shirt
Woman, thirties, blonde
Woman, twenties, graduate student
Woman, twenties, graduate holding diploma with both hands
Three girls playing on table
Mum, thirties and baby
Mum, sixties and grown up daughter
Mum and grown up daughters
Mum and grown up daughters (1)
Man. twenties, bald with earings
Man, twenties, shaved head, skinhead threatening look
Man, twenties, university graduate with diploma
Man, twenties, graduate with blue robe
Man, thirties, young, green eyes
Man, thirties, short curly hair, smiling
Woman, twenties, with short hair and earings
Woman, twenties, pretty with long curly hair
Woman, twenties, long black hair, brown eyes
Woman, twenties, graduate, pretty, holding diploma
Woman, twenties, graduate pretty